Lake Stevens Public Works Building

Lake Stevens, WA

Project Details:

Categories: Controls | Interior

Architect(s): MJ Neal Associates

Electrical Engineer: AVA

Electrical Contractor: Northshore Power

Featured Product(s): He Williams 17-4-L55/835-AF-(L30)-DIM-UNV, Ledalite 2206L83533LQ-12-D-E-1-N-NN-W, AX-2, Satco 29331, Satco 62-1322, Daybrite FSS430L-835-UNV-DIM-LSXR10,  

Lightolier Slim Surface, and Lutron Vive Controls.

The objective behind the Lake Stevens Tenant Improvement project was the renovation of a 10,030 ft2 public building that serves as headquarters for the team maintaining the streets and parks in the area.

The project entailed a 2910 ft2 renovation of the existing building and an addition of a wood-framed mezzanine to match the wood-framed roof of the existing building. During the project, ERW worked closely with the electrical contractor to make sure they had all the necessary information about the specified material and its requirements. Likewise, we collaborated with the architects in redesigning the hallway, which did not originally fit the specified lighting.

We have also performed several post-installation check-ins to make sure that the whole space is user-friendly and functional, including the engineered products installed in the mezzanine for the benefit of the staff.

Completion Date: 2021