U District & Roosevelt Stations

Seattle, WA

Project Details:

Categories: Exterior | Site Lighting

Architect(s): Elcon Associates, Inc.

Electrical Contractor: Veca Electric

Engineer: McMillen Jacobs Associates

Featured Product(s): Apogee Lighting Custom Platform Lighting System

Sound Transit is building the most ambitious transit expansion in the country. With voter approval from 1996, 2008, and 2016, Sound Transit has been expanding service every few years to connect Seattle with other cities such as Tacoma and Bellevue. Apogee’s custom Platform Lighting System facilitates a welcoming station through public art and sustainable design so people feel at home there.

The system provided functional and aesthetically pleasing elements to the station, helping streamline lighting, audio/video, fire safety equipment. This is architectural mass transit made in America!

Completion Date: 2021