800 Fifth Avenue Lobby

Seattle, WA

Project Details:

Categories: Commercial | Interior

Architect(s): LMN Architects and Grayscale Design Studio

Lighting Designer(s): Blanca Lighting Design

Featured Product(s): Cole LR5 Series, Gammalux G-BEAM Recessed, Vibia Rhythm Horizontal, We-ef ETC330-GB LED

Blanca Lighting Design

The lobby of this 1980s high-rise was in need of a facelift to keep up with the expectations from new and existing tenants. The renovation transformed an outdated one-story space into a grand, multilevel volume that now has renewed transparency as well as strong street presence – both things it struggled with before. A refined aesthetic is achieved through the thoughtful integration of lighting into architectural details such as ceiling metal troughs continuing from interior to exterior; these fixtures create a sleek atmosphere without compromising natural light levels inside or out, which reflects even more positively on the building’s tenant experience. The designer of this space paid careful attention to the lighting in order to create comfortable areas for sitting and meeting. Floor lamps, table lamps, and pendants help define these spaces by adding an extra layer of light while furniture offers intimacy with integrated lighting.

LMN Architects

LMN’s renovation of the 800 Fifth Avenue Tower includes expanding and reshaping its lobby to be more appropriate for its 42-story height. In order to accomplish this, they extended it out closer to 5th Ave., which created improved seating in the space as well. The west wall also uses a “point supported glass” curtain wall system that enhances visibility from outside while contrasting with dark stone flooring inside, creating an interesting contrast between materials used throughout. The building, which was previously a near windowless check-sorting and computer mainframe space, has been transformed into new Class A office spaces. The second-floor exterior plaza is now an inviting area because it features soft seating areas with open conferencing opportunities for employees to use during their break time or lunch hour. There’s also a grand stair connecting the first level lobby of this iconic downtown Seattle landmark to the newly created mezzanine space that offers natural light from its large windows on every side; so you can enjoy great views at all times (weather permitting)!


IES Puget Sound 2018 Gloria Koch Leonidas Illumination Award, Award for Interior Lighting Design

Completion Date: 2016