Whistler Private Residence

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Project Details:

Categories: Exterior | Interior | Residential

Architect(s): Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Lighting Designer(s): Brian Hood Lighting Design

Featured Product(s): Lucifer Lighting 2 Series

Project Summary:

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Nestled in the natural contours of this stunning landscape, you will find a truly one-of-a-kind private residence. Built atop 640 ft worth of rocky outcrops high above Alta Lake in Whistler, it features an additional patio on top for lounging and dining as well as spectacular views which are visible from every window.

A small, but high and proud building perches on a rock ledge overlooking the steeply ascending mountainous drive to this property. At the road’s peak, there is an incredibly narrow path carved through solid stone before arriving at your destination: A court flanked with rugged stones and sleek metal walls where a shimmering blue passageway opens up into a verdant courtyard that serves as an oasis for outdoor gatherings or children playing happily in its lush surroundings. Surrounded by trees of all kinds–from coniferous to deciduous–a concrete cone marks key spaces beneath it reaches upwards towards the light from below ground level (where geothermal wells are buried among other things). The arced blade of roof supported by slender stainless steel columns encircles the remaining courtyard, and as you cross into this space it becomes clear that you are in a totally different world than before. The crystalline building occupies the threshold between manicured courtyards and pristine wilderness, connecting these two worlds with its construction to showcase their coexistence.

There is a heavy bronze door that denotes the entrance to this building, where you can see Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in their full glory. This house has several volumes which radiate from one another; everything about it was designed with a Fibonacci sequence in mind but also included many other elements of architectural design such as golden spirals into its landscape.

With a three-story porch, this home’s design does not disappoint. The front of the house is lined with beautiful reclaimed wind fall Douglas fir and each room has access to one of two views: Whistler Valley or the Coast Mountains in British Columbia. There are terraces that extend into the landscape giving you more than enough space for your needs.

The spa breaks the surface of a tranquil grotto and anchors the 25-meter pool. The depth plunges into an abyss, carved out by ancient lava flows that reach distant horizons with their own intensity.

The owners of the house sought a seamless connection to nature and thus, designed their home with this in mind. The construction took into account all the natural irregularities found in our rocky terrain such as outcroppings and crevices that were reverenced by painstaking detail within design plans for every part of the building’s structure.

Completion Date: 2013