Vancouver Waterfront Park

Vancouver, WA

Project Details:

Categories: Exterior | Site Lighting

Architect(s): Larry Kirkland, PWL Partnership, Martin & Martin (structural), Civil Eng Berger ABAM

Lighting Designer(s): FMS

Featured Product(s): Cole Rail Lights

Project Summary:

The Vancouver Riverfront Park, a former industrial site that is now an expansive and vibrant green space, was created as part of the city’s ongoing effort to redevelop old abandoned mill sites. The park contributes greatly to reconnecting downtown with its waterfront!

Reclaiming nearly thirty-two acres and twenty-one city blocks of available land, this park will be a space to play in the sun! The urban beach features basalt steps leading into the water. In addition, there is an extension of the waterfront renaissance trail complete with expansive open lawns from which you can do yoga or take your pup for a walk. There are also amenities like seating areas that make it perfect for picnics too!

The Grant Street Pier provides a dramatic visitor experience. The pier is 90 feet high and has lights that not only highlight the mast’s structure but also provide pedestrian lighting so visitors can feel safe while walking along with it at night! There are marker lights on both sides of the pier which illuminate where you’re going as well as reflect back to its nautical history.

The play of light from a series of LED lights illuminate the water feature and create an interesting visual effect. The theatrical lighting minimizes any interference with the art piece.


2020 IALD Award of Excellence
2020 NLB Tesla Award
2019 IES Puget Sound Gloria Koch Leonidas Illumination Award of Merit

Completion Date: 2018