City of Seattle Windermere Neighborhood Illumination

Seattle, WA

Project Details:

Categories: Exterior

Partner(s): Seattle City Light

Contractor: Potelco

Featured Product(s): Sun Valley LCC30

Update roughly 300 Gothic-style HPS fixtures with efficient, environmentally friendly, and functional LED fixtures by US Architectural / Sun Valley.

Utilizing a type II distribution pattern with US Architectural proprietary LED power array, with glass refractor to produce an even light distribution over the desired illumination zone; primarily the neighborhood streets and sidewalks. We also utilized a house-side shield to ensure there was minimal light trespass onto private property. Additionally, US Architectural was able to provide 2700K CCT LED chips to provide a warmer and more environmentally friendly lighting solution for the neighborhood and residents of Seattle.

US Architectural also provided a 7-pin NEMA photocell receptacle and 0-10v dimmable driver to allow these new fixtures to be compliant with an upcoming wireless control system implementation.

Utility Crews really appreciate the ease of installation with the new access door, allowing easy access to the utility-grade terminal block and integrated surge suppressor.

These projects take years to get to fruition (this is in year 5), with many stakeholders along the way picking apart the project scope, with various needs and desires requested by the manufacturer.

The project stakeholders: Lighting designers, City officials, standards engineering, program managers, installers, maintenance crews, and most importantly the neighborhood association who will live with these fixtures for decades.  US Architectural/Sun Valley in step with these requests along the way responded thoroughly and often exceeded expectations with expedience and sometimes offered better ideas to an opportunity presented.

Completion Date: 2023