Get to Know EverLast Lighting

For more than 20 years, EverLast Lighting has been a market-leader in exterior and interior fixtures for increased performance, efficacy, and life of fixtures. EverLast takes pride in creating products designed for longevity—which is why EverLast fixtures carry the nation’s leading “no red tape” warranty.

Made in the USA, EverLast luminaires are manufactured to the highest quality standards to improve any application’s light levels while reducing maintenance costs and increasing occupant experience.

Featured Luminaires

Legend Series

The EverLast Legend Series HL15D LED high bay fixtures are the perfect demonstration of EverLast’s high-quality LED performance with superior lumen output technology. The unique pattern for the maximization of LED chip density elevates the HL15D’s lumen output above the industry standard and into a class of its own. To accommodate the dense configuration, EverLast employs more efficient cold forged heat sink technology, resulting in a higher lumen output using the same amount of power.

The HL15D LED features a traditional circular high bay design, making it a go-to fixture for almost any high bay application. Utilizing mid-power LEDs in a high-density configuration, and an aluminum heatsink for optimal thermal management, the HL15D stands above, and outperforms, any other LED high bay in its class.

Additional features include:

  • Limited Warranty: 10 Years
  • Wattage: 100W – 240W
  • Efficacy: up to 150 LPW
  • 0-10V dimming
  • Lumen Output:
    • 100W: 16,000 Lumens @5000k
    • 150W: 23,500 Lumens @5000k
    • 200W: 31,600 Lumens @5000k
    • 240W: 38,600 Lumens @5000k

Excel Series

The EverLast Excel Series LED shoebox offers unparalleled lumen output for large outdoor spaces. The strategically integrated die-cast aluminum housing with heatsink provides a powerful and effective light distribution while protecting the LEDs from damaging heat. The sleek low-profile housing of the Excel Series LED shoebox offers through-hole design to minimize the effects of extreme outdoor conditions.

The EverLast Excel Series LED shoe box offers four distribution patterns (type II, III, IV, & V) and five mount options for optimal fixture spacing and improved illumination in a wide variety of outdoor applications. The Excel’s modern housing boasts an IP66 rating, and is engineered with a streamlined design to minimize the effects of extreme outdoor conditions. Available sensor options include on/off, bi-level, and dusk-to-dawn.

Additional features include:

  • Color Rendering Index: 72 CRI
  • DLC: Standard (70-100w) & Premium (150-400w)
  • Finish: Bronze or White
  • Lumen Output:
    • 70W: 9,300 Lumens @5000k
    • 100W: 13,800 Lumens @5000k
    • 150W: 20,500 Lumens @5000k
    • 200W: 29,700 Lumens @5000k
    • 300W: 42,700 Lumens @5000k
    • 400W: 53,000 Lumens @5000k

High Temperature

The EverLast 65C13 High Temperature LED high bay fixture breaks down industry standards with an unrivaled LED performance and intensity.

Offering a wide array of lumen packages (26,000-31,400), the 65C13 effectively exceeds light levels produced by typical 750W metal halides, all while saving more energy than ever before. Coupling this intensity with a robustly engineered driver and cold forged heatsink, makes the 65C13 the best choice for the most demanding of environments.

The Legend Series 65C13 High Temperature high bay features a cold-forged aluminum heatsink paired with an efficient mid-power LED chip layout. The one-piece heatsink ensures a direct path for optimal heat transmittance outpacing both extruded and die-cast designs.

Additional features include:

  • Rating: IP65
  • Color Rendering Index: 80 CRI
  • DLC: Premium
  • Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • Limited Warranty: 5 Years
  • Lumen Output:
    • 200W: 26,200 Lumens @5000k
    • 240W: 31,400 Lumens @5000k


Built for Retail

EverLast retail LED fixtures feature a patented uplighting technology, performance-engineered to comfortably and evenly illuminate a large retail space, with little to no glare. EverLast’s LED fixtures are the easy choice when upgrading retail spaces to save energy and improve lumen levels. EverLast’s fixtures can reduce energy and maintenance costs significantly over the life of the fixture- no costly maintenance, flickering or relamping.

  • Reduce Energy costs
  • Avoid costly maintenance
  • Create better shopping experience
  • Make products stand out better

Built for Dealerships

More customers shop for vehicles after dark. Upgrading a dealership’s area lighting to EverLast’s LED area lights will create a more positive and inviting experience for night-time customers. Increased CRI and foot candles make cars stand out in the night to help drive dealership sales. Installing EverLast street and area fixtures allows customers to easily see vehicle inventory from the roadway and also shop safely after dark. Upgrading dealership lighting also helps prevents theft, which most often occurs at night.

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Eliminate costly maintenance
  • Increased product visibility
  • Increase foot candles by 50%+
  • Discourages theft

Built for Warehousing

EverLast high and low bay lighting produces more lumens per watt than the competition. When productivity, safety, and efficiency are top concerns, EverLast LED fixtures are unmatched. Increasing the quality of lighting is a benefit to owners and employees alike. Faced with an ever-increasing number of HID lamp failures and the expenses incurred with their replacement, the decision for warehouses to make the switch to EverLast’s LED fixtures is simple.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Avoid costly maintenance
  • Increased security
  • Discourages theft and vandalism
  • Improved employee safety