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Philips Ledalite: Eyeline Luminaires

New from Philips Ledalite: Eyeline Suspended and Wall Mount Luminaires. From the creative minds of Philips Ledalite comes the all-new EyeLine Luminaire, designed to make a statement.

Stylishly sophisticated, boldly dramatic.

The EyeLine suspended and wall mount luminaire establishes itself as the standalone statement for any architectural application. The aerodynamic weightless appearance is made possible with its unique extruded aluminum tapered wings and open center. Though visually stunning, the EyeLine luminaire is more than a pretty face. Its ultra-thin light panels consist of a high-performance optical system designed to maximize output with low-glare comfort.

The optical system is comprised of an array of LEDs edge-lighting a low-profile light-guide panel for perfectly even illumination. MesoOptics purify and control the light as it is extracted from the light-guide to provide a wide distribution with low-glare for optimal spacing and energy savings.

Make your room the view. Make your space the destination.

EyeLine imparts a dramatic environment to any application. Office spaces instantly feel polished and refined. Hospitality or lounge areas exude sophistication. Meeting spaces seem purposeful.

Designed to stand out in a crowd or emanate subtle sophistication, the EyeLine comes with standard powder coating options in white, black, and gray, as well as a red high-gloss automotive finish option.

The new linear luminaire was constructed to use as few driver pods and power drops as possible for continuous rows, and can be specified in any row length, in 4ft increments. Continuous row mounting is an easy plug and play installation to ensure a quick and painless installation for contractors, and continuity for designers.

More Eyeline Facts:

  • Lumen Packages: 3400lm, 4800lm 6800lm
  • Color temperature & CRI: 3000K/80CRI, 3500K/80CRI, 4000K/80CRI, 4000K/90CRI
  • Suspended option ceiling types: T-Grid, Chicago T-Grid, Drywall, Open Structure
  • Distrubution: 65% up/35% down, 20% up/80% down, 100% down

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Philips “Light To Go”

Philips “Light To Go.” When you need it now.

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time to plan a project and wait for most manufacturer’s 6-8 week lead times. Circumstances can arise where you need a lighting fixture on the job site ASAP. Philips Lighting has risen to the occasion to bring a new lineup of products that can be on the job site and ready to be installed in 48 hours or less.

The Philips “Light To Go” lineup of products enables you to select reliable great-looking products with the Philips quality you know will last, but won’t obliterate your budget. Whether you need a fixture for a commercial, residential or outdoor lighting project, Philips “Light To Go” can meet your expedited project needs.

Available products include:


  • Linear Strip Wraps (Industrial)
  • Recessed Troffers
  • High Bays
  • Exit and Emergency
  • Downlights
    • Flat
    • Mini
    • Mini Gimbal
    • Retrofit
    • Round
    • Square
    • Surface Mount


  • Area Lights
  • Dusk to Dawn
  • Garage and Canopy
  • General Purpose Flood
  • Low Profile Wall
  • LWL Wall Light
  • Tall Wall Pack
  • Wall Pack

With such a large array of quick-ship items, Philips’ “Light To Go” program has made it possible to complete a fast turnaround job — on time, and on budget.

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