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Wireless Outdoor Controls: LimeLight by Lutron

In January 2019, Lutron acquired the Limelight wireless outdoor lighting control system from Michigan-based strategic innovation firm Twisthink and its partner company, TwistHDM. Limelight is a wireless lighting control solution for outdoor and industrial facilities that provides remote control and management, saves energy, and enhances facility safety. With the simplicity of its wireless fixture-level control architecture, it also helps ensure code compliance and streamlines the specification and design process.

In May, Lutron announced Limelight by Lutron, adding a best-in-class wireless exterior lighting control offering to Lutron’s wide-ranging product line, which historically focused on interior controls and automated shading solutions.

Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control Solution

Exterior lighting, especially in parking lots and garages, represents a significant aspect of facility operations and maintenance, and it is often controlled independent of other building systems. Limelight by Lutron streamlines specification and design, makes your exterior lighting smarter, and can connect to Lutron Enterprise Vue software to control all building lighting from a single sign-on.

Limelight by Lutron integrates data seamlessly into Lutron’s existing data and management platform, Enterprise Vue. That software, which offers a variety of metrics and alerts, enables a facility’s interior and exterior lighting to be controlled from one dashboard and allows Lutron to provide a solution for multi-building projects and campuses looking to control lighting indoors and out.

Enterprise Vue: Manage data and operations for multiple Lutron lighting and shade control solutions

  • A single data and management platform for your connected buildings
  • The system interface delivers a simple, consistent user experience from any PC or tablet
  • Open, easy integration with BACnet and web APIs leverages the IoT to enhance smart-building performance

ERW also offers one-on-one Limelight by Lutron training opportunities which are recognized by AIA for CEU credits. For more information, please contact us. ERW Lighting is the official Lutron representative in Seattle and Western Washington State

For more information on Limelight by Lutron, click below to download the Sell Sheet:

Transform Lighting in the Workplace with Ketra

Beautiful, tunable, and customizable, Ketra is a revolution in LED lighting. Built from scratch and boasting dozens of patented innovations, Ketra’s advanced system opens up a whole new world for today’s designers — and supports how humans experience indoor environments in the modern age.

The correct lighting in workplace environments is crucial to focus and productivity. Ketra tunable lighting is designed to automatically pinpoint the ideal color for the time of day, the environment, or a specific custom task. From the warm glow of an incandescent, the enchanting cool of moonlight, to an immersive new world of your own creation, Ketra’s proprietary LED system comprises of red, green, blue and white LEDs; the four-channel system produces the widest spectrum available, from 1,400K to 10,000K, enabling pinpoint color in any range. With other LED solutions, colors can degrade over time — or mismatch if diodes are sourced from multiple manufacturers. Ketra’s unique Color Lock feature actively preserves color throughout the life of the light. Dynamic spectrum lighting allows for tuning the amount of energy across the visible spectrum of colors, enabling a wide range of whites, pastels and saturated colors to be created from a single light source.

Ketra’s lighting controls allows for custom tailoring light for individual spaces with a work environment. In addition to controlling light use according to time of day and traffic, individual spaces can be tuned according to need.

Discover how Ketra tunable lighting can transform any commercial space, providing the most idea color lighting for any environment. To learn more about Ketra’s award-winning lighting solutions for commercial applications, download Ketra’s brochure “Ketra in the Workplace” below. ERW is proud to represent Ketra by Lutron; for additional information, please call or email us. ERW Lighting is the official Lutron representative in Seattle and Western Washington State.

Lutron Spotlight: What’s New

As the leader in commercial controls and residential smart home systems, Lutron creates products built around the idea of convenience, control, and conservation. Take a look and see what’s new with Lutron!

Maestro C.L Pro Dimmer

Lutron’s Maestro dimmer has long been a favorite of contractors and designers alike. The sleek design paired with the intuitive controls and wireless capabilities make Maestro an easy choice for a wide range of applications.

The newly released Maestro C.L Pro is a phase-selectable dimmer suitable for use with LED, ELV, MLV and incandescent lamp loads. The dimmer is capable of controlling up to 500W of ELV, 400VA of MLV, or up to 20 Hi-lume 1% 2-Wire (LTE) LED drivers, and up to 250 W dimmable LED in reverse-phase (150 W in forward-phase).

Other Features include: 

  • Large tap-switch with a rocker-style dimmer for a standard designer wall plate opening.
  • Advanced dimming technology designed for compatibility with a broader range of high-efficacy lamps.
  • UL® Listed to control:
    • Dimmable LED with integrated driver
    • Electronic Low-Voltage (ELV)
    • Magnetic Low-Voltage (MLV)
    • Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) with integrated ballast
    • Incandescent and Halogen
    • Philips Advance Mark 10® ballasts
    • Hi-lume 1% 2-Wire (LTE) LED Driver
    • Low-end adjustment to accommodate a wide range of bulbs
    • Can be used in single-pole or in multi-location (using MA-R) applications
    • Coordinating Claro and stainless-steel wall-plates available separately

ERW Lighting is the official Lutron representative in Seattle and Western Washington State

Caséta Smart Fan Speed Control

The Lutron Caséta product line has become a standout for homeowners and renters as a “build as you go” wireless smart home system that turn any space into a smart home. From the get-go, Lutron heard their customer’s requests for a fan controller that does more than on/off.

The brand new Caséta Smart Fan Speed Control replaces an existing switch, and installs in three simple steps. Take control of your home by wirelessly changing the speed of your Homekit enabled Hunter ceiling fan from your couch, or anywhere in the world with the Caséta app. For more info click here!

Vive Commercial Control System

Lutron knows that not all projects are the same, that’s why they created Vive to be simple and scalable. The modular wireless lighting control solution works seamlessly with new and existing commercial spaces to instantly meet energy codes and finish jobs quicker than ever, and on budget.

Vive consists of a wide family of products including sensors, remotes, load controls, and an available software management suite. Vive provides the flexibility to select the products you want and handle any on-site challenges with ease.

Vive’s modular capabilities allow for a multi-strategy approach to accommodate any budget and performance needs now, and for the future of the building. Vive can start out as a single office space, an entire floor, or even the whole building to control lighting and shades with user friendly interfaces.

Installation of Vive is simple thanks to its wireless components. Less wiring makes installation faster and with less call backs, reducing labor by up to 70%. Setup is as simple as pushing a button or using a smart phone or tablet, further reducing time and labor costs, with no manufacturer commissioning required.

ERW Can Help!

Are you working on a project, and needing guidance on a controls system solution? ERW can walk you through the process from start to finish. Contact your local sales rep or email Customer Service at: [email protected]

Lutron’s C•L Pro. One dimmer for any job.

Lutron’s C•L PRO model dimmer delivers maximum flexibility and performance for the pro with phase selectable dimming, color change front plastics, screw terminals, and an optional neutral connection.

One dimmer for any job. The Lutron C•L Pro dimmer offers the following highlights:

Create the Right Environment with Lutron

Lutron Electronics is world-renowned for their superior lighting controls, automated shades, and smart integration. Everything behind what Lutron stands for is incorporated with their “Right Environment” Philosophy.

At ERW, we are focused on the movement towards making buildings better for its occupants. Lighting a space is now focused less on saving energy and adding the right fixture and more on providing an environment that promotes comfort and well-being; essentially prioritizing the human experience within a space.

“The Right Environment: When you’re in it, you feel it. You’re more productive. You’re more comfortable. You’re simply happier.”
— Lutron Electronics 

ERW, along with Lutron, we believe that the Right Environment needs to be accessible to everyone, and not just those who can afford luxury products.  There are a wide range of solutions for your project, your performance requirement, and your budget. By dynamically designing a space, Lutron products can offer lighting, shading, and temperature control for your next project.

Prioritize the Human Experience to create “The Right Environment” for Commercial Spaces

Human-centric lighting is the overarching foundation of the Right Environment. Lighting that changes throughout the course of the day to help influence people’s productivity, well-being, enable enhanced well-being, and promote comfort through technology.

Give the Power to the People

Intuitive user-friendly controls allow individuals the power to change their space where and when they need, while Lutron’s automated solutions adapt to the customized space.

Right Light at the Right Time

Your space needs to change focus as frequently and easily as you do. Lutron leverages technology to create dynamic spaces, employing personal controls and simple automation to deliver the right environment – where, when and how you need it.

Sensors do the work for you

Lutron’s wide array of sensors seamlessly adjust light levels and shades based on environmental conditions without anyone needing to think about it, keeping offices moving efficiently and on task.

Effortless Timeclocks

Lutron’s intuitive Vue software makes building control automation simple. Schedule the entire building’s lights, or select individual rooms to turn on and off automatically, raise and lower shades depending on time of day, or create one-time events for special occasions like an after-hours holiday party on the user-friendly 365-day calendar.

Bring the Outdoors In

Lutron’s shading solutions intuitively integrate with lighting controls to preserve views, mitigate glare, and maximize daylight. Humans crave daylight. When given the choice, people generally choose workspaces near windows. Visual connections to the outdoors – some believe – can decrease stress, improve memory, and increase attention. Lutron’s shading solutions can automatically adjust to mitigate glare, save energy, bring in daylight and increase views to connect people to the world.

The Convenience of Shade & Lighting Integration

Create personalized environments in any space with automated, motorized, or manually controlled shades, with the highest-quality performance fabric, to work seamlessly with lighting control.Integrated shade and lighting solutions allow for intuitive adjustments without anyone having to press a button. Daylight sensors recognize intense morning sun on east-facing windows and lower shades to mitigate glare, triggering the lighting to adjust to optimal light levels. In the afternoon when the sun exposure is less harsh, the shades will open, allowing for daylight to wash over the space, lift moods, and invigorate employees.

Discover Ketra Natural Light and Replicate Daylight

Ketra Lighting’s advanced circadian technology dynamically shifts in color temperature and intensity through the day to mimic sunlight when daylight isn’t available. Perfect for nurses’ stations, hospital rooms, interior offices and large open cubicle areas, Ketra’s science-based approach to lighting helps people maintain healthy circadian rhythms to enhance mood, increase productivity, and support overall wellbeing.High-Quality Light, High-Quality Experience

Lutron’s best-in-class drivers make it possible to bring light to life with high-performance dimming, tunable white and color-saturated light control. Guaranteed performance and smooth continuous dimming down to 0.1%, delivering a beautiful lighting experience.Enhanced Mood Lighting

Tunable white lighting control solutions enables spaces to be multifunctional. Event venues can accommodate corporate luncheons, and easily switch gears to a warm and romantic atmosphere in the evening.

Full Color Spectrum Lighting

Ketra’s technology encompasses more than circadian lighting. High-fidelity whites, saturated colors, and pastels offer the ultimate palette of color, vibrancy, and mood for any space. A custom driver chip and patented optics deliver perfectly calibrated light that goes exactly where you want it.

ERW for Lutron

ERW is Seattle’s source for Lutron commercial solutions. We have a dedicated team that has been in all aspects of Lutron’s offerings to help you find the perfect solution for your project.For more information on Lutron’s commercial controls solutions, explore the following links:

Are you looking to create a dramatic impact on your next project?

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The Lutron Vive Advantage

In today’s fast paced world, everyone is on a time crunch. Buildings go from blue print to ribbon cutting in a speed never seen before. Lutron Electronics—the lighting controls pioneer—saw a need for a new type of commercial controls system. A system that could save electrical contractors time, money, and headache.

Vive is Lutron’s answer to expedited timelines, and shrinking budgets. This new commercial, modular, wireless lighting control solution is easy to use, and equips it’s user with simple control components eradicating the typical steep overhead of traditional systems.

Faster. Smarter. Cost Effective.

Vive provides the versatility needed to design buildings with wireless capabilities to simplify installation and minimize call backs, all while maximizing productivity and building performance.

Vive is wireless. You can start small and build on the system later.  No wiring required. Less wiring also accelerates installation, and shrinks labor costs by up to 70%. Setup is as simple as pushing a button or using a smart phone or tablet, further reducing time and labor cost, with no manufacturer commissioning required.


Vive utilizes BACnet protocol to connect with other building systems during initial installation or whenever the system is ready to be built out. Vive is made up of four main components: a Vive Hub, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and dimming modules.

Cost Effective
Using a wireless system like Vive can save your customers a large percentage of their budget, all while allowing you to make more than ever. With Vive, you have the ability to take on more projects, because Vive jobs don’t require the man-power and time that other control systems necessitate.  Installation costs can drive a project’s budget into tailspin. With Vive, you can come in under budget every time by providing a solution that doesn’t require wiring a traditional control system – a Vive retrofit can be done in 70% less time than a wired system.

Using Vive makes you the hero! You can beat competitor’s pricing with traditional systems, complete the install faster than ever, and provide a state of the art, user friendly system.

Join us June 7 for a Lutron PRO & RA2 Select event!

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Lutron PRO eligibility is open to all electrical, audio/visual, and security contractors who are dedicated to incorporating Lutron into their business. At this event we will cover more about what Lutron PRO is, how it can benefit you and your business, and how to enroll.

In addition, we will cover Lutron’s newest Smart Home System, RA2 Select.

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