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ReachElite: High Output Luminaire from a Lighting Designer’s Dreams

The ReachElite from Philips Color Kinetics is ideally suited to take on some of the industry’s most demanding lighting challenges: bridges, buildings, and monuments.

Modern technology is allowing buildings to be built taller and taller. The fixture placement on these structures is becoming increasingly difficult, but not for the Color Kinetics ReachElite.

The advanced optical system was designed to allow color mixing without loss of efficacy. The 2.6 degree narrow beam allows for a longer and crisper throw of light: up to an impressive 750 feet. The ReachElite was built for a wide range of applications such as: wall washing, grazing, spot lighting and flood.

Low energy consumption is paramount in large projects, so Color Kinetics crafted the ReachElite to not only have exacting accuracy, but high efficiency, therefor, reducing wasted light and lowering operating costs. The patented Powercore technology uses line voltage to directly power the fixture quickly, precisely, and with less energy.

The robust design was engineered to withstand salt spray, to resist corrosion for 1,500 hours, and built to never pool water.

The technology-driven LEDs produce millions of saturated colors, pastels and the highest quality white light. The ReachElite also includes RGBW and RGBA 4-channel (Essential color) and eW (Essential White.)

The customizable ReachElite family of products has 3 designs: 100w, 200w, and 300w. Each fixture is designed to have one, two, or three 100w heads that can be perfectly aimed—making one fixture suitable for multiple applications.

The ReachElite is the next-level long-throw exterior LED luminaire with a high punch of color, efficiency, and Philips reliability. If there is an architectural detail, the ReachElite can find it, a tall facade, the ReachElite can light it. Make the world notice.

IntelliHue Color Technology: Color Kinetics by Philips

Color Kinetics by Philips Lighting has made it’s mark in the industry with it’s full-spectrum RGB color and white light LED technology, IntelliHue.

IntelliHue is Color Kinetic’s advanced approach to color mixing, which enables the same luminaire to provide high-quality intelligent color and white light. Multiple channels of LED light sources combine to produce a full spectrum of precisely controllable light, including millions of saturated colors, pastels, and uniform white light – all with unrivaled color accuracy across the entire range of color temperatures.

Whether you’re looking for RGB, or a dynamic option for precise white light, Color Kinetics gives you options with their IntelliHue technology.  Most traditional lighting technologies can’t combine white light and color-changing in a single fixture without sacrificing CRI and lumens.  IntelliHue gives you natural, saturated color and great incredibly beautiful white light.  It delivers higher fixture-to-fixture color consistency, and a higher lumen output, all while maintaining a CRI over 80.

If a project calls for high performance, color changing and white light, the IntelliHue technology from Color Kinetics is the best option.

IntelliColor is Color Kinetic’s intelligent color-changing LED lighting system using IntelliHue.  It offers intensely saturated, controllable light for interior and exterior architectural applications, intricate light shows, large-scale video, and dynamic accent lighting.

Color Kinetics is known for their revolutionary LED color mixing, and IntelliHue is no exception.  The technology changed the way architects and lighting designers can work together to create captivating color.