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Signify Gardco EcoForm

Affordable Modular LED Site Lighting:

The Signify Gardco EcoForm product line has reimagined the way specifiers view budget-friendly sight lighting. EcoForm’s superior performance and broad range of options allows specifiers to create a unique luminaire that feels tailor-made to its application.

EcoForm is comprised of nine different lumen packages, four distribution patterns, and six integral control options to create an innovative, efficient, performance and value driven product suitable for a full range of site and area applications.

EcoForm unites economy and performance for a superior outdoor area luminaire in a single low-profile design with built-in heatsink and numerous options. The single size housing allows for value pricing without sacrificing quality. When project budgets call for an affordable solution that will meet specifications without sacrificing performance, EcoForm is the ideal option for a complete package.


  • 9 lumen packages ranging from 4,000lm to 20,000lm
  • Type 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 Wide, and Auto Front Row distributions available with optional factory pre-aimed rotation at 90° or 270°
  • 3 color temperature options
  • 4 mounting styles: Standard Arm, Retrofit Arm, Mast Arm, and Wall Mount.
  • Motion response and automatic profile dimming
  • Finish options include: Bronze paint, Black paint, white paint, natural paint, or any RAL color or color chip.
  • Other options include: Wireless controls, tool-less entry & driver removal hardware, terminal block, internal shield, line fusing, photocel receptacle, bird deterrent

Benefits and Features:

  • Retrofit arm option permits seamless replacement of existing luminaires, eliminating the need for additional pole drilling
  • Performance comparable to 400W HID luminaires, while utilizing 53% less energy
  • Utilizes Philips latest LED technology, producing more light from fewer LEDs, keeping cost to a minimum.
  • Low EPA may allow use of less expensive poles.
  • Optimized distribution patterns allow for maximum pole spacing.
  • Clean lines and geometric form complement both traditional and modern architecture.
  • Low profile design suitable for both site, area and pedestrian applications.
  • IP66 rated optical assembly and IP65 rated electrical housing

EcoForm luminaires offer the best of all worlds: saving energy, saving time, and saving money for significant and enduring value.

For more information about the Signify Gardco EcoForm Site Lighting, contact your ERW sales rep, or email Customer Service at: [email protected]

ERW Lighting is the official Signify representative in Seattle, Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Alaska.

Introducing the new Signify Gardco PureForm LED Site and Area Fixtures

Gardco’s new PureForm site and area luminaires provide a cohesive and modern aesthetic that can illuminate an entire site with five luminaire types all within the same family while offering precise light engines and control options.

  • Medium area fixtures
  • Large area fixtures
  • Wall sconces
  • Bollards
  • Post tops

PureForm luminaires have a sleek, low profile to blend in with architecture, while the multiple product types offer a unified aesthetic.  There are multiple options to customize the fixtures including different lens optics.  Comfort optics that reduce glare and increase comfort are available for most types, including post top, wall sconce, and medium area. Precision optics, suitable for a range of mounting heights and lumen outputs are available for medium area and wall sconce.

Gardco’s PureForm family of products also features integration with the latest controls, making management easy, and further enhancing value.

The cohesive look of the PureForm LED Site and Area fixtures, helps maintain a unified aesthetic throughout a group of buildings, campus, etc. To simplify your outdoor site and area lighting, and maintain continuity to your project without sacrificing creative vision, Philips


Gardco PureForm LED Site and Area fixtures is the solution.

About Gardco: A Signify Brand, Gardco manufactures innovative, energy-saving luminaires that make it easy for lighting designers and specifiers to provide both comfort and performance while making a distinct impression. ERW Lighting is the official Signify representative in Seattle, Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Alaska.