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Signify’s BrightSites: 5G Smart Poles

The digital transformation of public spaces is accelerating rapidly, with wireless broadband being introduced within neighborhoods and city centers everywhere. Brightsites Smart Poles help cities provide high-speed broadband, allowing for non-stop access to the internet.

Smart Poles can be installed in dense urban areas, college campuses, and residential neighborhoods

In addition to providing a network of broadband to residents, businesses and visitors to the city, BrightSites Smart Poles help cities leverage technologies to deploy sensors and devices for smarter, more sustainable, and efficient operations. Plus, BrightSites poles offer high-quality, low-energy LED lighting.

BrightSites Smart Poles offer a range of significant services and capabilities:

  • Sensors to provide immediate environmental monitoring, such as air quality, noise and incident detection, collecting data to support future enhancements
  • Cameras to observe road conditions to help improve traffic flows, guide maintenance decisions and emergency crew deployment
  • Smart Microphones equipped to recognize noises associated with anti-social behavior (shouting, car alarms, breaking glass, or even gunshots). They then automatically brighten the light to an area, record audio and alert emergency services
  • Display Screens to offer important emergency messaging, as well as act as a revenue generator as targeted advertising boards

Smart Poles offer 4G, 5G and other digital modes, as well as provide efficient LED lighting

BrightSites Smart Poles offer additional benefits:

  • Elegant, Multi-Functional Design: BrightSites Smart Poles are available in various heights, colors, and styles
  • Easy Deployment and Scalability: Mobile operators can deploy dozens or hundreds of cell sites quickly and easily, to provide additional amplified coverage
  • Digital pathway: BrightSites poles deliver 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Sigfox, fiber hubs, and a possibility to accommodate a wide range of IoT applications
  • Energy Efficiency: Philips LED lighting provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to traditional street lighting

Smart Poles can be configured to provide city information (such as available parking spaces as shown)
or advertising, a potential revenue source for many cities
If you are interested in more information on Signify’s BrightSites Smart Pole technology, contact us at ERW Lighting + Controls. Visit our website for information on upcoming events highlighting Smart Pole technologies. For more information, click on the following links:
Sources: SmartCitiesWorld.net, Signify.com
About ERW Lighting: ERW Lighting + Controls is the official Signify representative in Seattle, Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Alaska.

Philips is now Signify: All About the Brand

Introducing Signify, formerly Philips Lighting. Signify is now the umbrella brand that encompasses Philips, Gardco, Lightolier and other brand names that were previously associated directly with Philips. This article helps to introduce Signify and reintroduce the various brands represented.

This diagram illustrates the new hierarchy of the Signify brand:

From the main Signify.com website, all brands listed above can be directly accessed. Our focus in this article is to highlight the Lighting Brands on the right side of the diagram. As shown, the brand logos are now displayed with the “by Signify” tagline. On the ERW linecards (online and downloadable PDF), the Signify brands are listed together, and no longer shown under the Philips name.

Chloride offers a broad range of exit and emergency lighting products for day-to-day and architectural life-safety applications, particularly for Emergency and Healthcare.

Chloride is a leading manufacturer of exit and emergency lighting fixtures, specializing in a variety of emergency lighting solutions spanning both commercial and industrial applications. From the most design intensive upscale commercial spaces to the harshest of industrial environments, Chloride offers innovative and functional emergency lighting designed to meet any need when it matters most.

For more information on Chloride, including products and specifications, click here.

Hadco provides landscape and outdoor lighting solutions to suit any commercial or residential project which requires curb appeal and security, including bollards and other security devices. Hadco provides pedestrian and landscape lighting solutions that blend craftsmanship with optical performance to provide a sense of security and beauty in parks and other public, residential, or commercial settings. Hadco also offers Zonescape, a landscape lighting control system.

For more information on Hadco, including products and specifications, click here.

Day-Brite CFI offers affordable and energy efficient stand-alone and connected lighting solutions for general purpose commercial or industrial projects.

Day-Brite CFI is a leader in general purpose and performance lighting systems. Products range from high performance recessed ceiling troffers to industrial grade high bay luminaires. Day-Brite CFI’s extensive line offers quality, performance and efficiency for a variety of applications.

Day-Brite CFI’s FluxPanel LED luminairs offer the following:

  • Help bolster wellbeing. Immerse users in comfortable, welcoming spaces that are free of glare and distractions; with color that remains consistent across luminaires and over time.
  • Protect both the integrity of electrical equipment and building efficiency from the effects of total harmonic distortion. 
  • Rely on one flat panel LED luminaire family for multiple applications – recessed, surface, or suspended.

For more information on Day-Brite CFI, click here.

Gardco offers innovative, energy-saving luminaires that can make it easy for lighting designers and specifiers to provide comfort and performance. Gardco’s specification-grade architectural outdoor luminaires are designed to enhance and complement any exterior.

Gardo PureForm: Illuminate an entire site with one family of individually designed luminaires. Image is reputation; PureForm makes it easy to provide comfort and performance while making a distinct impression. Seamlessly integrating with the latest controls solutions also makes management easy, further enhancing value and allure.

For more information on Gardco, click here.

Stonco offers a broad selection of reliable and affordable general purpose outdoor luminaires. Stonco features contractor-friendly outdoor lighting solutions that help make the most of time and budget. There are a number of readily available and dependable Stonco luminaires suitable for a range of commercial application types.

Stonco LytePro LED Outdoor Wall Sconces combine excellent performance, design and value to meet the needs of the energy and budget conscious. The LytePro LED sconce family is available in three sizes, providing high quality white illumination and a sense of security for any wall mount application.

For more information, click here.

Lumec provides contemporary and traditional luminaire styles that blend form and function in roadway and outdoor urban lighting.

Lumec is a recognized leader in high quality environmentally sustainable decorative outdoor solutions and roadway lighting applications. Lumex recognizes that light is an essential part of daily life, providing safety and security, atmosphere and style. Lumec makes high-quality, sustainable and dependable outdoor lighting products that live in harmony with their surroundings.

For more information, click here.

Ledalite offers award-winning, inspiring, and innovative lighting solutions that allow specifiers to create a unique vision for commercial and institutional buildings.

Every Ledalite product developed is designed around how people see, with the goal to create spaces that feel bright and natural. The correct lighting can increase visual comfort and maximize people’s productivity.

For more information on Ledalite, click here.

Lightolier offers environmentally-friendly, efficient indoor track and downlighting solutions that perfectly blend aesthetic and performance. Lightolier is a global market leader in innovative LED lighting solutions with an unmatched commitment to technology leadership, reliability, visual appeal and high performance. The Lightolier comprehensive product offering provides a quick and easy way to select both downlighting and track lighting solutions that complement every lighting application.

For more information on Lightolier, click here.

ERW Lighting & Controls is proud to represent the Signify line of lighting brands. For more information on any of the Signify brands, please call us.

Vibia: Unique European Lighting Design

Vibia Offers Inspiration through Remarkable Lighting Design

Specifiers in the Northwest have come to love the sophisticated and sleek design of Vibia, a high-end decorative lighting company based in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by a city that loves design and culture, Vibia’s team of designers channel their abilities to create extraordinary products and experiences like never before.

Design is central to Vibia. Designers are encouraged to create through light and space, unbound by standards or convention. Products constantly evolve, utilizing various materials, light sources, electronics, smart dimming control and connectivity systems to create the right emotion and use of space, and improve the quality of environment.

For Vibia, design is not only about the product; it’s about creating an experience. In addition to producing awe-inspiring designs, Vibia can assist in the choice of product to best capture the feelings a client wishes to convey in lighting and aesthetics specific to the project.

Vibia’s products include Pendants, Floor/Table, Ceiling/Wall, and Bathroom & Outdoor lighting. Vibia also offers personalization according to the needs of the client or project, working directly with the product designer.

Here are a few selections of notable Vibia designs:

The Wireflow Volumetric collection, designed by Arik Levy, is an example of minimalist presence within a large open space. The supporting structure for the Wireflow comprises black electrical cable and a 3.7 Watt LED light source. The cables trace large three-dimensional geometries, which despite their size creates a sense of transparency that defines its captivating look. It is available in 4-, 6- and 8-LED versions.

The Algorithm pendant lamp collection is designed by Toan Nguyen. This collection fuses beauty and geometry, typical of many of Vibia’s striking designs. The Algorithm collection is comprised of pressed glass-encompassed spheres of LED light suspended at different heights and attached to the ceiling via a floating tubular structure.

As with many of Vibia’s geometric-styled pendants and chandeliers, the Algorithm can be installed according to original design, or modified to suit a specific space.

The Origami LED collection, designed by Ramón Esteve, is typical of Vibia’s many wall lights; free-floating and customizable to suit any space. With only two simple lighting modules, designers can create an infinite number of compositions from only a single electrical point.

The Origami collection is equally suited for indoor and outdoor lighting, given its IP65 rating.

The Duo ceiling lamp, designed by the Ramos & Bassols design team, is a striking sculptural fixture projecting natural warmth through open volume, inspired by sustainability and wellness.

This flush-mount surface light is ideal for locations with a low ceiling where a pendant fitting is not applicable. The inner surface of the shade is lined with oak veneer; the outer matte-lacquered shell is aluminum. The LED light source provides even illumination through its polycarbonate diffuser.

The DUO ceiling lamp is available in three finishes: charcoal, cream and white.

These are only a few of the striking designs Vibia has to offer. A visit to their website is akin to a visit to an art gallery; each design fixture tests the balance between art and function.

We invite you to review these and other Vibia offerings for added inspiration; click to browse the online catalog. We believe you’ll be inspired; the striking designs and flexibility of arrangement opens up infinite possibilities. Please call us to discuss a Vibia solution to your design needs.