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Aion’s Wide Variety of Advanced LED Technology

Aion LED is known for their versatile LED channels that easily create stunning architectural detail in both interior and exterior applications.

Aion’s luminaires are designed to be ordered to a fraction-of-an-inch to maintain a high quality of exact proportions.

Along with their high-performance, low wattage products such as their wet-rated flexible linear luminiares, Aion offers a number of different LED technologies that can be applied to most all of their products.

A smooth, flicker free dimming technology, phase dimming stable at 0.1%. Zero Dim products provide a powerful circuitry that will protect the lighting investment from harmful current and heat fluctuations— ensuring prolonged functionality. Remember—Dimming LEDs prolongs the life of the diode.

  • Available in: FR Type and LE Type Aion luminarires

Dim to Glow employs Aion’s Dynamic White to dim down to a warm relaxing glow similar to a traditional incandescent. Aion’s exclusive dimming technology features proprietary diodes with 98+ CRI. Dim to Glow creates soft and romantic atmospheres ideal for residential and commercial projects.

  • Available in: LE Type and WR Type Aion luminaires

Specialized color-mixing LEDs utilized to create a full spectrum of white light. The white light color palette can be used to replicate circadian rhythm to help energize, or calm its occupants. Many uses for circadian lighting include office spaces to help workers keep alert, schools, to help students stay attentive, and hospitals to provide nurses with the correct lighting for staying at the top of their game.

RBGW+ is more than full-spectrum white light—it encompasses millions of bold, striking colors, as well as soft pastels for creating intricate lighting scenes to compliment any design scheme.

  • Available in: LE Type and WR Type Aion luminaires

Aion has made circadian rhythm simplified for its end users. Through a downloaded app, the “Aion LED Dynamic Tuner Mobile & iOS” can control the lighting of a space to follow the natural daylight pattern to duplicate the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Along with calendar scheduling and GPS location services, Sundial receives information needed to automate circadian rhythm lighting effects determined by the time and position of the user on earth, relative to the sun.

The spectral tuning capability of “RGBW+” and “Dim to Glow” can reproduce the coloration of the sky over the course of a 24 hour period and as it changes throughout day- and also throughout the year. The standard out-of-the-box preset is: Daylight Emulation- a true to life, time and place white light that matches the sun’s natural daylight color palette.

Studies have shown circadian lighting to have impactful benefits for people of all ages and lifestyles. Some of the many benefits include: reduction of jet-lag for eastward travel, more restful sleep, shorter healing time, and decreased health risks- including reducing one’s susceptibility to obesity and diabetes.

  • Available in: LE Type and WR Type Aion Luminaires

Aion’s superior technology for the advanced tuning of white light, and color mixing has created a complete suite of high-tech luminaires that can meet the need of almost any application. Whether the project calls for color changing effects in a soffit, or the architectural details of a building’s facade to be enhanced with powerful LEDs, Aion LED has a solution.

Aion LED systems are designed, engineered, tested and assembled in San Francisco, California. Many new products proudly carry the “Made in USA” classification.

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