Luminous Wind

Denver, CO

Project Details:

Categories: Art | Commercial | Exterior

Architect(s): Denver International Airport

Lighting Designer(s): Haddad Drugan

Featured Product(s): Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2

Haddad Drugan

Luminous Wind is an interactive art installation that explores innovation, energy and phenomena of the natural environment. The piece was created with a focus on drawing connections between its location at Peña Station NEXT, one of Denver’s smartest cities to date in terms of technology integration into daily life and transportation options for residents as well as visitors alike. Luminous wind also pays tribute to former mayor Federico Pena who first coined this “Imagine A Great City” campaign slogan during his tough 1980 race against political powerhouse Wellington Webb.

In an ever-changing landscape, the 27’ tall sculpture is clad in environmentally activated materials. Luminous and colorful, it changes with every new day’s sky and sun as well as blown grasses of the windswept lands nearby. 952 prismatic acrylic rods radiate out from a stainless steel geodesic sphere set on a tripod like that was standing there for centuries waiting to be discovered by humans passing through this world. The colors are inspired by those found all around us; each rod features an individually programmable LED node emitting light so bright it would make any nighttime spectacle appear dull in comparison!

Every night of the week a different moving light show cycles through the sculpture, while holidays are marked by special colors and programs. As the local wind speed picks up, its effects can be seen in waves on all sides of this barometer-like artwork as it lights up with brighter hues or more intense blinks – which is set to respond at increased speeds for higher levels of ambient noise.

Completion Date: 2019