Transform Lighting in the Workplace with Ketra

Beautiful, tunable, and customizable, Ketra is a revolution in LED lighting. Built from scratch and boasting dozens of patented innovations, Ketra’s advanced system opens up a whole new world for today’s designers — and supports how humans experience indoor environments in the modern age.

The correct lighting in workplace environments is crucial to focus and productivity. Ketra tunable lighting is designed to automatically pinpoint the ideal color for the time of day, the environment, or a specific custom task. From the warm glow of an incandescent, the enchanting cool of moonlight, to an immersive new world of your own creation, Ketra’s proprietary LED system comprises of red, green, blue and white LEDs; the four-channel system produces the widest spectrum available, from 1,400K to 10,000K, enabling pinpoint color in any range. With other LED solutions, colors can degrade over time — or mismatch if diodes are sourced from multiple manufacturers. Ketra’s unique Color Lock feature actively preserves color throughout the life of the light. Dynamic spectrum lighting allows for tuning the amount of energy across the visible spectrum of colors, enabling a wide range of whites, pastels and saturated colors to be created from a single light source.

Ketra’s lighting controls allows for custom tailoring light for individual spaces with a work environment. In addition to controlling light use according to time of day and traffic, individual spaces can be tuned according to need.

Discover how Ketra tunable lighting can transform any commercial space, providing the most idea color lighting for any environment. To learn more about Ketra’s award-winning lighting solutions for commercial applications, download Ketra’s brochure “Ketra in the Workplace” below. ERW is proud to represent Ketra by Lutron; for additional information, please call or email us. ERW Lighting is the official Lutron representative in Seattle and Western Washington State.