Introducing the new Philips Gardco PureForm LED Site and Area Fixtures

Gardco’s new PureForm site and area luminaires provide a cohesive and modern aesthetic that can illuminate an entire site with five luminaire types all within the same family while offering precise light engines and control options.

  • Medium area fixtures
  • Large area fixtures
  • Wall sconces
  • Bollards
  • Post tops

PureForm luminaires have a sleek, low profile to blend in with architecture, while the multiple product types offer a unified aesthetic.  There are multiple options to customize the fixtures including different lens optics.  Comfort optics that reduce glare and increase comfort are available for most types, including post top, wall sconce, and medium area. Precision optics, suitable for a range of mounting heights and lumen outputs are available for medium area and wall sconce.

Gardco’s PureForm family of products also features integration with the latest controls, making management easy, and further enhancing value.

The cohesive look of the PureForm LED Site and Area fixtures, helps maintain a unified aesthetic throughout a group of buildings, campus, etc. To simplify your outdoor site and area lighting, and maintain continuity to your project without sacrificing creative vision, Philips


Gardco PureForm LED Site and Area fixtures is the solution.