Nova Flex: A Unique Take on Decorative Lighting

Founded in 2009, Nova Flex is a premier provider of customized LED ribbon/tape and LED neon solutions. Nova Flex’s customized ribbon is ideal for discretionary projects with lit curves, corners, or coves and can be used in place of LED linear fixtures. Full customization is available, modified to spec.

Nova Flex offers premium UL listed LED products providing high lumen outputs with 80 to 90+ CRI and durable IP65 indoor/outdoor rated polyurethane protection designed for long-term color accuracy. All product goes through multiple quality checks prior to delivery. Nova Flex provides easy-to-install LED solutions for commercial, residential and national account customers nationwide.


Nova Flex’s customized ribbon is ideal for curves, corners, or coves. All Nova Flex product can be cut, soldered, and assembled according to design needs.

Here are a few notable Nova Flex offerings and applications:

Digital & Static RGB

The Nova Flex Aqueous Neon Series is a first of its kind in the market. It is one of the only LED neon products that is underwater submersible / inhabitable certified to the highest standard, UL676, making it safe for use in swimming pools and other inhabitable bodies of water. Each fixture can be customized to a maximum length of 6 feet, and is rated for 50,000+ hours of life, and is dimmable.

Click to view the spec sheet.


Pro Series

Specification grade LED ribbon / LED tape is offered in multiple lumen outputs and color options. The Pro Series Energy-efficient LED ribbon/tape provides professional-grade lighting in various output ranges for every application, in 12V and 24V, and in lengths from 8 feet to 32 feet (see specification sheets for more details). LED  ribbon can be affixed either by 3M adhesive tape, clips or channels.






Digital & Static RGB

Nova Flex Color Changing Digital RGB is ideal for attention-grabbing projects that desire movement effects. Digital RGB provides dynamic control of the red, green, and blue spectrum for each individual LED. Click here for specifications.

For single (static) color digital neon, Nova Flex offersStatic LED ribbons in either red, green, or blue. Click here for more information.






We invite you to review these and other Nova Flex offerings for added inspiration. We believe Nova Flex offers a great deal of “flexibility” into your designs and applications. Feel free to contact us for more information.