Meet The Rook 350 Round Pendant Cylinder Conduit Mount by Amerlux

ERW Lighting & Controls is pleased to announce our weekly spotlight: the Amerlux Rook 350

Introducing the Rook family, a line that translates the control, performance and comfort of our downlights into a sophisticated new format. Offered in 3.5” and 4.75” apertures, these pendants pair perfectly with the Hornet HP Downlights and Evoke 4.75” Downlights. The Rook is the right choice for creating drama with focused light in reception areas, office environments, and retail spaces.

The new Rook 475 reduces costs, enhances beam control, and maintains design integrity across all of our pendant lines. For most updated performance & ordering information visit us at

For more information on the Amerlux Rook Pendant Family, download the brochure below.