Lutron’s C•L Pro. One dimmer for any job.

Lutron’s C•L PRO model dimmer delivers maximum flexibility and performance for the pro with phase selectable dimming, color change front plastics, screw terminals, and an optional neutral connection.

One dimmer for any job. The Lutron C•L Pro dimmer offers the following highlights:


  • Load ratings:
    • 250W of LED / CFL
    • 500 W of incandescent / halogen / ELV
    • 400VA / 300 W of MLV
  • Fast, easy retrofittable installation for any age home, with any wiring
    • Neutral optional
    • Screw terminals — easy wiring, no wire connectors required
  • Phase selectable — works in both forward or reverse phase dimming

  • Color change front plastics — interchangeable plastics to match the decor of any home

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