Signify’s BrightSites: 5G Smart Poles

The digital transformation of public spaces is accelerating rapidly, with wireless broadband being introduced within neighborhoods and city centers everywhere. Brightsites Smart Poles help cities provide high-speed broadband, allowing for non-stop access to the internet.

Smart Poles can be installed in dense urban areas, college campuses, and residential neighborhoods

In addition to providing a network of broadband to residents, businesses and visitors to the city, BrightSites Smart Poles help cities leverage technologies to deploy sensors and devices for smarter, more sustainable, and efficient operations. Plus, BrightSites poles offer high-quality, low-energy LED lighting.

BrightSites Smart Poles offer a range of significant services and capabilities:

  • Sensors to provide immediate environmental monitoring, such as air quality, noise and incident detection, collecting data to support future enhancements
  • Cameras to observe road conditions to help improve traffic flows, guide maintenance decisions and emergency crew deployment
  • Smart Microphones equipped to recognize noises associated with anti-social behavior (shouting, car alarms, breaking glass, or even gunshots). They then automatically brighten the light to an area, record audio and alert emergency services
  • Display Screens to offer important emergency messaging, as well as act as a revenue generator as targeted advertising boards

Smart Poles offer 4G, 5G and other digital modes, as well as provide efficient LED lighting

BrightSites Smart Poles offer additional benefits:

  • Elegant, Multi-Functional Design: BrightSites Smart Poles are available in various heights, colors, and styles
  • Easy Deployment and Scalability: Mobile operators can deploy dozens or hundreds of cell sites quickly and easily, to provide additional amplified coverage
  • Digital pathway: BrightSites poles deliver 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Sigfox, fiber hubs, and a possibility to accommodate a wide range of IoT applications
  • Energy Efficiency: Philips LED lighting provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to traditional street lighting

Smart Poles can be configured to provide city information (such as available parking spaces as shown)
or advertising, a potential revenue source for many cities
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