New from Axis Lighting

Axis Lighting is known for being forward-thinking and innovative, and always on top of the latest architectural design trends. In their Fall Launch, Axis has unveiled new lighting solutions designed to meet the evolving challenges associated with creating human-centric spaces, including innovative integrated acoustic lighting products such as SoftZone™ Acoustic Lighting. Other leading-edge developments include SurroundLite™ technology, Pose™ ribbons of light, CoeLux® daylight illumination, Zen Square Forms, and others. To coincide with their Fall Launch, Axis also has a fresh new website design, easily navigable to review the latest releases along with their existing lines.

For a complete list of new releases, click here.

Acoustics play an important role in occupant performance and well-being in office interiors. SoftZone™ lets you create architectural pendant lighting with effective sound attenuation properties, featuring the unparalleled design flexibility of Stencil SoftZone horizontal solutions and Sculpt SoftZone vertical solutions.

SurroundLite™ Technology
SurroundLite’s 3D distribution emits as much light from the ends as from the sides. It provides wide spacing, exceptional uniformity and reduced cave effect, resulting in fewer luminaires needed to light a space. SurroundLite™ can be applied to any of Axis’ available luminaires, such as Slim wall and pendant (below, shown with SurroundLite™ on the left, and without on the right).

Click to review other new Axis products, including:

  • CoeLux®
  • Zen Square Forms 
  • Sculpt SideStep
  • SkyePlane (featured image above)